Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work Visa = SUCCESS!

I GOT MY WORK VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had my appointment at the Ministry of the Interior. The Israeli government doesn't publish it's Visa process, nor do they have anyone whom you can contact with questions about how to apply. This means that the only way you can find out what you need to bring to your appointment is through word of mouth, but because there's no standardized procedure, you can be asked for just about anything depending on who you are talking to and what kind of mood they're in that day. Basically, you're walking in mostly blind, hoping that somewhere within the stack of papers you brought are the documents that they will ask for. It was incredibly nerve-wracking for me, but luckily my experience was fairly smooth and mostly painless. I'm just so glad that it's over... and that I now have a year-long visa!

The other big excitement today is that to get home from my appointment, I rode the bus from Jerusalem, through The Wall, and into Bethlehem ALL BY MYSELF! I know, I know... quite an achievement. I was unbelievably proud.

I promise that in my next post, I'll share all the details about where I'm living. I may even give you a tour of my new home! Get excited!

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